Train Online

Train Online


Would you like to train in the comfort of your own home?

More and more people are now ditching their gym memberships preferring to train in the comfort of their own homes at a time to suit them, so they can fit exercise into their lives on their own terms, we acknowledge that life is busier than ever when you combine a family and a career.

We understand that for some a gym can be an intimidating place to be, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time and although you shouldn’t, you may feel self-conscious.

As a couple in their 50’s who have both worked in the corporate world we get it – we really do – plus we aren’t fitness models with ‘ripped ab’s just two normal people who are committed to getting you guys into the best version of you.

Now you could choose to do nothing, but then your health may suffer in the longer term and you won’t get the change that you crave.

But the solution really can be a simple one – move online.

But the solution really can be a simple one – move online.

Our online solution gives you the following;

  • 4 Early morning replayable classes – a mix of bodyweight HIIT and dumbells / kettlebells
  • 2 Vinyasa flow yoga replayable classes
  • A simple to follow nutrition plan
  • A weekly group scrum Zoom call to share wins with other online clients
  • A closed group with hint tips and a safe place to ask questions & vent if needed.
  • An optional Zoom 30 minute 1:1 PT session


Just get in touch, use the form below, we’ll start the whole process for you – just imagine how good that will feel knowing you have taken action and the first steps to becoming the best version of you.

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