Top tips for new runners

Top tips for new runners

I’m often asked if I could give one piece of advice to a new runner, what would it be?So I started making a list of tips for new runners……


Get the right pair of running shoes.

They are critically important, not for fashion, but there to protect your joints. They will be your biggest cost initially, so invest accordingly.


Think miles not minutes and slow it down

Most starters want to run fast and continually beat their times, but if you aim to run a little bit farther each time and not worry about your speed the enjoyment level goes up.



Just because you are not running it doesn’t mean you have to become inactive

Rest days (as they are known) can still be training days – think gym & weights / Pilates / swimming & biking


Get involved in your local running club

A running club can give you loads of support for your training and as an added bonus you can also make loads of new friends. I know when I joined my local club (Fairlands Valley Spartans) my life and running changed forever!


You need to do it regularly

Turn your running into a habit, even if that means getting out in the rain occasionally. Remember if you are entering races it might be raining on race day too. Work out how much time you have a week in advance and plan your training accordingly.

Increase how far you run slowly

You need to build up gradually, no more than 1-2 miles a week on a long run, 1 mile if you are a complete beginner. This will help your body become accustomed to running and help you to avoid injury.


If you need to walk – walk

When you start your breathing will be all over the place, it takes time to get used to running and how it affects your body. Sometimes you will push too hard, if you need to walk then take a break and learn how your body responds to over exertion for next time.


Record what you are doing

A training diary can be a fantastic motivational tool, you can look back to see how far you have come and what you have achieved. You may want to do it all online – Strava is a great app you can use to record all your training sessions. My profile is here if you want to connect.


Cross training will help you run faster

If you get stronger you will run faster – it really is a simple as that!


Make sure your goals are realistic

I mean we all want to make the Olympic team, but for most of us it is unlikely. Start with small realistic goals, maybe a Park Run non stop and build towards that before looking further ahead.


You are running and are therefore a runner

Always remember that no matter how slow you are moving you are still moving and are therefore running – you are a runner NOT a jogger!


Hope these help!

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