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Sports Massage Stevenage

If you participate in Sport or train in a gym a regular Sports Massage can help to improve your performance and help you to remain injury free. You may just have a niggle in a muscle that you need removing or want to see how to develop your movement back to what it previously was.

A 50 minute maintenance Sports Massage will help to iron out any kinks in the muscles and break down any adhesions in the muscle fibers. The massage is designed to promote blood flow to the muscles to aid in restoring the body to maximum performance levels.

Techniques of Sports Massage used include Effluerage, Pettrisage, tapotment and Friction, in addition MET and PNF stretching techniques are utilised to aid mobility over the longer term.

With a regular sports massage your therapist can get to know problem areas you have and work to improve how you move as an individual, leading to greater confidence.

A pre-event Sports Massage will help to get your body prepared for an event, it could be a marathon or half marathon or a triathlon, but by promoting blood flow to the muscles they will be ready to fire and work from the starting gun. A pre-event Sports Massage is normally only 5-10 minutes, so fast hands from the therapist are key.

A post-event Sports Massage helps you in the initial stages of recovery from the event, in the early stages of returning your body back to normal, a far slower affair than the pre-event massage techniques. A post-event massage normally takes in the region of 15-20 minutes and isn’t as deep as a maintenance sports massage.

The cost of a Sports Massage at our Stevenage base is £30 for 50 minutes, but you can save by block booking 6 sports massages at a cost of £150.


Acupuncture in Stevenage

The theory of acupuncture is that ‘Chi’  the bodys own energy  flows via 12 bilateral meridians that are interconnected like an electrical circuit. Good health allows a nice flow of energy around the circuit, however injury or pain can cause a blockage of the flow.

Applying needles on points around the painful area and also further along the meridans at distal points will usually have a benefical effect on the blockage.

When acupucture is combined with massage not only are the internal meridians affected, but the fascia and connected tissue is also palpated to promote healing and good health. This can lead to faster recovery from injury, reduction in pain and also prevention of the reoccurance of injury in the future.

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