Marathon training? 10 hot tips for you.

Are you marathon training?

For some people the main challenge of marathon training can be getting to the start line injury free, let alone the finish.

Well a few years ago I interviewed a local sports therapist (Kieran Feetham) before I did my first marathon to get his top 10 tips for marathon training, luckily I have just discovered the interview and there are some great tips.

It is a recording and is 38 minutes long, so if you are planning a training session or commuting you might be able to do two things at once.

There is a mention of drinking ‘dishwater’, don’t be concerned it is the top secret name for Green Tea.

I hope you enjoy it and your marathon training is on track, let me know what one your are planning this spring.


If you need any advice or help on either the training or nutrition for a marathon, do get in touch

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