6 Benefits of Sports Massage

6 Benefits of Sports massage

Having regular Sports Massages can be a game changer for athletes, here are just 6 benefits of sports massages, but there are lots more we don’t event talk about!

  1. Athletic Performance – a Sports massage can target muscle tendon junctions, a study by the Strength and Conditioning Journal found that regular massages improved hip flexor mobility which can lead to a longer stride whilst running
  2. Neck Pain – The clinic journal of pain found that a weekly sports massage over 10 weeks could reduce neck pain by almost 55%
  3. Depression – Sports massage might ease depression, a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in 2010 found that sports massages reduced stress hormone levels, heart rate and blood pressure, and they boost mood and relaxation by triggering the release of oxytocin and serotonin.
  4. Stress – a Swedish 2010 study found that an 80-minute hand-and-foot massage significantly lowered subjects’ heart rates, cortisol levels and insulin levels – all of which affect stress.
  5. Lower Back pain – The journal spine said in 2010 that as a sports massage releases endorphin’s linked to higher pain thresholds a subjects pain threshold might improve over the longer term leading to an improved condition.
  6. High Blood Pressure – Studies have found that those with normal blood pressure levels had a reduction in systolic and diastolic levels during a 45-60 minute sports massage. Therefore those with high blood pressure will also gain the benefit of reduced levels over the longer term

Another huge benefit of a regular sports massage is that your recovery from a hard training session is faster. A sports massage can lead to improved muscle texture and the drainage of waste by products from training sessions, which means that you can train harder more regularly which leads to faster improvements in your key discipline. Most elite athletes know the benefit of sports massage and if able too will have one after each session that they complete.

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